Get a different Sensation by Visiting These 6 Unique Tourist Destinations in Africa

Posted by Ayied Muhammad Riduan on 11:55 AM in
Some people assume that the best and unique tourist destinations exist only in continental Europe, Asia, Australia only. Make no mistake, you can also visit the African continent to get a different sensation of your holiday activities. The following will be delivered 6 unique tourist destinations in Africa.

1. Luxor
Luxor Africa

If you are visiting Africa, one of the places you should not miss is Luxor. This place is located in Egypt, and it's a historic place. Luxor is an ancient city with an open museum, ruins of temples, cemeteries, and historical monuments. Not only that, you can also see a variety of interesting and unique attractions there.

2. Ulumo Rock
Ulumo Rock Africa

Ulomo Rock is one of so many places that you have to visit. This place is precisely located in Nigeria. This place is a witness to the history of the inter-tribal wars that occurred in the 19th century. Ulomo Rock is a big rock that became a shelter for local residents during the war.

3. Amboseli National Park
Amboseli National Park Africa

Another unique tourist destination is Amboseli National Park. Here you will find many elephants because this place is dominated by elephants. Therefore, this place is also called the elephant park. Not only that, you will also be rewarded with amazing natural scenery there, and will certainly make your heart become peaceful. This place is located in Kenya.

4. Kruger National Park
Kruger National Park Africa

This is a unique place in South Africa. You will see firsthand Padang Safana which is identical to live on the African continent. With a large area and many found wild animals, this may be a suitable place for you who like a challenge. Not only that, this place is also a tourist site that is often used for film making.

5. Red Sea
Red Sea Africa

Perhaps you are no stranger to the Red Sea. Yes, it is located in Egypt. This is a unique tourist destination, sea water that looks red when in fact blue. You can also dive and see the beauty of the sea floor where fish and sea plants will spoil your eyes.

6. Dades Valley
Dades Valley Africa

The last one that you have to visit is the Dades Valley. This place is located in Morocco. Here you will get a different sensation because there is a combination of a number of plants that have turned into white, and rocky hills that have its own charm.

These are the 6 unique tourist destinations in Africa. So, if you want to take a vacation and get a different holiday sensation, come to Africa. You will find things that will make you feel different. It is clear that Africa is a unique and different place.